OneGreatChef was created in response to cookie cutter, lowest bid approaches to catering, event planning, culinary teaching and hospitality. We believe that at the heart of every aspect of the hospitality business should be just that...heart!
OneGreatChef delivers excellence and value in every task. We are genuinely invested in creating the finest in personalized service. We custom craft our approach to each culinary challenge presented with attention to the unique needs of our clients, students and guests. 

Our Mission

To create and provide the finest in food and service

To always cook from the heart
To educate ourselves and others
To elevate our profession
To always pursue excellence with every action we take
To promote an inclusive workplace 
To keep our minds and our hearts open

To be of service

Services From in Albuquerque  and Los Angeles

Whether catering, event planning, culinary education, food safety and sanitation,  culinary research, culinary travel or writing:  
all you need is... OneGreatChef!